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Homes for Veterans Inc. is a non-profit organization.  Our Mission is to provide active and inactive military personnel and their families homes to occupy.  Last year Homes for Veterans, Inc. helped build a home for a Veteran family in need. It is a community program and community support is needed to make our program a success.  Donations go directly to building these homes for Veterans. Our goal is to raise funds to provide these services with in Key West, Florida - Monroe County area.

People are Talking...

Joe Cleghorn along with his Committee team, Dave McGlathery, Mary Lynn Myers and Howard Livingston…..worked together getting the word out on how our program “Home for Vets, Inc.” worked and what our sole purpose was to help a military family with in the Key West, Monroe County area.

Joe Cleghorn stated as my inbox became flood from many military family applying for the free home giveaway….this one letter stood out from the rest.  I had received a letter from a military family that had relocated to Key West Florida from New York. The family had been separated due to the ability to keep a job and living in the homeless shelter with his family.  Being there is a set time curfew you need to be back to the shelter no later than 8 p.m.  If you tried to hold down a job to make some money, in order to lay your head down that night you had to be in before curfew.  This presented a problem for this one family.  So, we in turned tried to help this family by placing them into our transition housing program.  This is where we gave them a place to live all under the same roof.  Helped them get there child enrolled for school at the local elementary school.  Purchased a variety of items for them to set up their new home. Along with connecting them with local bus transportation for employment.  Let them save up enough money to get them back on their feet again.  This family left our park back in November of 2013.  They were ever so grateful for the opportunity that was given to them to get there family together and in a new direction. 

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We take doanations. You can mail your check to 701 Waddell Avenue, Key West, FL 33040. Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt in the mail..

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